About Us

Free Grocery Delivery for High Risk Residents of Fairfield County

Welcome! Cup of Sugar was created during the sudden spike in the COVID-19 virus in Westport, CT. Our mission is to support heavily affected communities like ours, in our time of need by promoting humanity and good will.

Coming together for the good of all, even in isolation.

Our Goal

To support our community in this time of crisis, by pairing those in great need with the many who are looking for a way to help.

Delivery Areas

We are currently only delivering to Fairfield County residents in Connecticut.

How It Works

Immune-compromised, Senior or otherwise high risk Resident

  • To request a delivery - Please fill out the form here.
  • There will be a slight delay while we gather a volunteer for your trip
  • Once we do, you will receive a group text message with your shopper's name and estimated time of delivery.
  • You can use this to communicate with your shopper before, during and after your shopping and delivery.
  • Once the shopping is finished, the shopper will send you the total charge on the group text
  • The customer will then pay Cup of Sugar via an electronic method, and the shopper will be immediately reimbursed.
** Preferred Requirements Include **
  • A mobile number that can text and group text
  • Any form of electronic payment including Paypal, Venmo, Zelle or ApplePay

Delivery Volunteers

  1. To volunteer for a delivery - Please request to join and respond to a posted volunteer request on the private Facebook group, “Cup of Sugar Delivery Volunteers”
  2. Please include your expected day and estimated 2 hour time window for shopping and delivery in your post.
  3. If you are a first time volunteer, please private message us your phone number and Venmo ID.
  4. Next we will send you the customers name, address, and shopping list.
  5. At this point, we will establish communication between you and the customer, with the delivery ETA.
  6. During shopping, please communicate proficiently with the customer for any clarifications or subsitution questions.
  7. Once the shopping is finished, please send the total charge to the group text
  8. The customer will then pay Cup of Sugar and you will be reimbursed via Venmo immediately as funds are received.
** Preferred Requirements Include **
  • A mobile number that can text and group text
  • A personal Venmo account for reimbursement.

Request A Delivery